Don’t you wish you had a full Holga outfit with wide and long lenses? I did! So I made a holga with a portrait lens. This is a single-element, plastic, 110mm lens. It is all the things that make Holgas great: Non-anachromatic, non-aspheric, non-astigmatic, and even more pincushioning than the Holga 60mm.

I built it out of a $2.49 magnifying glass from Walgreens, which I extracted from its plastic frame using a wood chisel. It’s mounted in various bits of plumbing supplies. The native Holga shutter had to be removed and replaced, since the aperture was much too small. In its place, I put a Metax shutter I found on ebay a few months ago. I had thought I’d use it on a pinhole camera, but this is perfect for it. (For now, the strip of electrical tape remains the shutter on the pinhole.)

The image on the lower right shows a wax paper “ground glass” view (rather out-of-focus) of the image through the lens.

Modified Holga

You can’t use the ground glass to focus in practice, though, because there will be film in the camera. So I measured 6’, 10’, and 25’ from a subject, ensured it was in focus on the ground glass, and marked the distance on the lens barrel with a pencil. Now I can pull the lens barrel in and out to focus according to my distance from the subject.

This is the most fun I have had on a camera mod since making my cigar box pinhole camera

Here are some shots taken on Kodak 160VC.

Holga vs Cactus

Holga vs Child

Holga vs Microfauna